• Cantlie Chan, who started out as a personal fitness instructor in 1991, opened a gym in Mongkok with the support of three staff members.

  • Commenced to work as functional designer for different boutique gyms in Hong Kong
  • Set up a 10,000 sq feet gym in Wanchai, the first in Hong Kong to provide private training rooms to VIP clients, each with a personal trainer, for a high level of privacy.
  • Set up a gym in Duddel Street, the Central business district, the first in Hong Kong to operate on a unique Personal Training Studio concept, whereby customers attended fitness sessions by pre-booked appointment only.
  • Designed and managed the gym for Jockey Club in Happy Valley

  • Managed the gym in Leighton Hill (禮頓山), Happy Valley
  • Designed and managed the gym for Cheerful Court (彩頤居), Happy Valley

  • Designed and managed the gym center for Morgan Stanley, Kowloon
  • Relocated office on the whole entire 1st floor of Sun House in 90 Connaught Road Central
  • Managed the gym for High Cliff (曉廬), Happy Valley

  • Designed and managed the gym for AIA Centre, Happy Valley

  • Managed the gym for Housing Society (香港房屋協會), Tai Hang
  • Designed the gym for The Link (領匯), Kwai Fong

  • Managed the gym for Chinese Recreation Club (香港中華游樂會), Tai Hang
  • Managed the gym for The Kinnet (永健坊), Sheung Wan

Delivering the best in fitness, health and recreation management

Fitmax Management Group is a management consulting group specializing in the health, fitness and recreation business. Established by Cantlie Chan in 1996, we provide a wide array of services, on a Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) basis, including the supply of fitness equipment and accessories.


  • Design, develop and manage clubhouses, fitness centres, recreational clubs and similar facilities
  • Organize corporate events as well as health and wellness programmes, including seminars and workshops

Our B2B customers include MNC corporations, SMEs, hotels, residential buildings and business associations.


  • Provide gym facilities and personal training studios to health-conscious adults
  • Provide gym facilities and personal training studios for independent fitness instructors to train their clients
  • Organize educational classes for children
  • Supply of fitness equipment and accessories
  • We carry only the finest imported products in our portfolio

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Fitmax has over 40 full-time employees, including general and programme managers, master trainer and administrative staff. Our team also works with part-time fitness instructors and freelance trainers to deliver quality services.


Leading brands under the Fitmax Flagship

Under the Fitmax Management Group flagship are four leading brands that reflect the growth and diversification of our business.

Fitmax Centre (HK) Limited

A one-stop resource for professional management of clubhouses and gyms, supported by fitness instructors and other wellness trainers.

Fitness Dog Come

A retailer of safe, high-quality gym equipment and accessories with the transactions conducted online and/or in our store in Sheung Wan. Brands include Life Fitness, Nexersys, etc.


Over the past fifteen years and more, Fitmax Management Group has been creating its own unique story.

Through our work to help our clients meet their aspirations for health and fitness, we have remained committed to offering services of the highest quality that positively impact their lives.

Looking ahead, we will continue to draw on our knowledge, experience and resources to change lives and transform people and organizations, with the ultimate goal of elevating the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of our community.

Yours Sincerely,

Cantlie Chan


Mission Statement

To become the largest fitness and recreation management consulting group in Hong Kong and the region.

To help others attain health and work-life balance through our programmes, activities and training initiatives.