Recreational and Sports Programmes

Fit-Max provides club management services, including scheduling of on-the-job coaches, equipment and fitness environment maintenance and arranging professionals for various health seminar, fitness classes and exercise programs, private training, group training, corporate wellness programs, etc. In addition, various types of housing, hotels and institutions design fitness centers, prepare courses and select suitable equipment.

Fit-Max not only provides a wide range of fitness services, but also provides recreational activities for different clients such as clubs and schools, organizes healthy and fun activities, and promotes good lifestyle patterns. Committed to providing quality and creative services with a focus on safe, fun and healthy wellness activities.

Fit-Max organises sports classes in different private housing estates in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. The estates include Dragons Range, The Merton, The Arch, Manhattan Hill, The Leighton Hill, No.1 Po Shan Road, Island Crest, and the Latitude, Lake Silver, J Residence, The Belcher’s Club, The Hermitage. Residents can easily enjoy the sport.

Fit-Max 提供會所管理服務,包括安排註場教練,器械和健身環境保養和安排專業人士進行各類健康講座、健體班和編制運動計劃,提供私人訓練、團體訓練、公司康體計劃等等;此外更為各類型屋苑、酒店和機構等設計健身中心、編寫課程和揀選合適的器械等。


Fit-Max於港、九、新界不同的私型屋苑舉辦運動班,屋苑包括Dragons Range 玖瓏山、 The Merton 泓都、The Arch 凱旋門、Manhattan Hill 曼克頓山、The Leighton Hill 禮頓山、No.1 Po Shan Road 寶珊道1號、Island Crest 縉城峰、The Latitude 譽.港灣、Lake Silver 銀湖.天峰、J Residence 嘉薈軒、The Belcher’s Club 寶翠園、The Hermitage 帝峰.皇殿。 住戶可輕鬆享受運動的樂趣。

Programmes include:

Yoga 瑜伽班
Hatha Yoga 哈達瑜伽
Yin Yoga 陰瑜珈
Pilates 普拉提班
Aerobics 健康舞班
Zumba Dance 尊巴舞班
Slimming Funky Dance 修身舞班
Stretch and Relax 伸展和放鬆
Cardio Circuit 有氧循環
Muscle Conditioning 調理肌肉
Core Fitness Class 強化訓練
Functional Training for Ladies 功能訓練

Fitness Training for Beginners 器械健體入門班
Fitness Training for Advanced Users 器械健體進階班
Kickboxing 拳擊舞班
Self-Defense 自衛術班
Meditation 靜坐
Baduanjin 八段錦班
Yijin Jing 易筋經班
Wu Style Tai Chi 吳式太極
Wushu Rhythmic Exercise 武術操
Combined Exercise for Five Kinds of Steps 五步拳
Yang Style -24 forms Tai Chi Chuan 楊家24式太極拳
Health Seminar 健康講座

Stretch and Relax


Functional Training

Core Fitness Class

Slimming Funky Dance


Bosu Exercise
Bosu 訓練

Cormax Exercise
Cormax 訓練

Kamagon Exercise
Kamagon 訓練

Surge Exercise
Surge 訓練

Tai Chi

Health Seminar