Fitness Clubs Design

Regardless of budget or project scale, Fitmax is well-positioned to offer professional guidance and advice on the functional aspects of all gym facility issues, be they space planning, layout, partitioning, flooring, lighting and maintenance.

From design to final delivery, our broad range of services include:

  • Ascertaining client’s needs and expectations
  • Recommending floor area distribution for specific purposes
  • Providing energy-savings solutions
  • Recommending ways to reduce floor vibration
  • Selecting and procuring gym machinery and equipment
  • Offering expert recommendations on the design of changing rooms, lockers, toilets, free weight areas, cardio-vascular areas, weight-training rooms, stretching areas, studios and treatment rooms
  • Providing detailed layout plans, including the partitioning of changing rooms, weight-lifting areas and other functional zones
  • Recommending ways to enhance privacy in personal training
  • Working closely with designers and contractors during project implementation


In providing these services, we put users’ safety and well-being in first priority.

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