Personal Training & Other Professionals

Fitmax has a team of professional personal trainers who help clients to achieve their fitness goals. Our personal trainers will develop and implement training programmes based on clients’ fitness levels and fitness goals. They will keep clients staying motivated and focused with various fitness equipment and tools acquired from all over the world.


Scope of our practice:

interviews and assessments

Conducting interviews and assessments to facilitate training programme design

medical treatments

Providing services that complement medical treatments or rehabilitation as part of an allied healthcare teamesign


Ensuring that our clients exercise safely to prevent injury anytime and anywhere

healthcare professionals

Referring our clients to other healthcare professionals or medical specialist when appropriate.

Besides, Fitmax also work with other professionals, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and dieticians, to provide a comprehensive program for addressing clients’ chronic conditions, such as rheumatism, back pain and high blood pressure.


Apart from assigning Personal Trainers to Clients’ sites, Fitmax works with Fitness Dog Come Discovery in Sheung Wan to provide affordable personal training services. Please click the below link for details.

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