Project F.I.T.T.

We run a 2-month weight management programme for a group of employees to cultivate a healthy eating and exercise habit aimed at giving employees more information on ways to improve physical, mental and spiritual health within their busy work schedules.

The programme consists of

1. Exercise and nutrition seminars
2. Individual dietary consultation
3. Group exercise training
4. Individual resistance training
5. Challenges and rewards
6. Wellness Toolkit (a practical box set including a power tube, stretching strap and MyFitness Diary)

Our recent programme evaluation for a group of 50 participants who participated in a 3-month weight management programme.

  Rated Strongly Agree or Agree
1. Overall, the program met its objectives. 88%
2. Nutrition seminar 92%
3. Exercise seminar 92%
4. Individual dietary consultation 92%
5. Group resistance session 91%
6. The wellness toolkit is useful 90%
7. The regular WhatsApp update and communication was helpful 100%
8. I would recommend this activity to other colleagues 94%
9. Overall, I enjoyed the program. 94%

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