Our Solutions

We run month-long programmes for a group of employees to cultivate a healthy eating and exercise habit as well as programmes to prevent and alleviate back and neck pain. In addition, we run hour-long workshops and seminars aimed at giving employees more information on ways to improve physical, mental and spiritual health within their busy work schedules.

Back & Neck Care – a 2-month programme for preventing back & neck pain as well as enhancing posture.

The programme consists of

1. Back and neck assessment
2. Seminars
3. Workshops
4. Group exercise training


Other hour-long workshops and seminars include

1. How to eat happy
2. ROI on exercise
3. Dance with stress
4. Chinese herbal cuisine
5. Ergonomics at work
6. Healthy eating
7. Running away from injuries
8. Something about allergies
9. The power of positive thinking
10. Importance of diet and exercise in weight management

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